quadraphonic audiovisual live performance

“And the ocean was heavily troubled on this day, it beat against the continents of the planet, with its entire unshiftable weight rocking the terrestrial globe on its orbit..“ (T. Aitmatov, Cassandra’s Brand)

How can we can grasp both ends of our 21st-century existence – there is the endless beauty of our planet and there is the seemingly unavoidable drive towards extinction of nature and ultimately of ourselves.
In her new quadraphonic live performance, Jana Irmert creates soundscapes that oscillate between beauty and destruction, evolving from processed field recordings, vocal textures, instrumental samples and analog synthesizer sounds.
Together with the powerful visuals by Freja Andersson, FLOOD becomes a unique immersive audiovisual space that invites the listeners to get lost in.

The first part has been presented in a stereo concert setup live in Vienna at ORF-Sendesaal in the course of Fabrique Record’s 15th Anniversary Label Night on May 12th.

The whole performance will premiere on Oct 13, 2017 in Berlin.

concept and composition: Jana Irmert
visuals: Freja Andersson

supported by initiative neue musik berlin and Bezirksamt Neukölln zu Berlin


Quadraphonic audiovisual performance
Oct 13, 2017
Berlin, Germany
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Fabrique Record’s 15th Anniversary Label Night
May 12, 2017
ORF Sendesaal, Vienna, Austria