audiovisual installation // 3 channel video, 5.1 sound

a T like a cross
I flew
I lost my soul above
the atlantic
a tribute to something
long forgotten
and parts of me
are still
out there


T like a cross is an experimental film, a composition with images, a visual and sonic poem. It deals with the state of zero-gravity in the sense of detachment: the human being being detached from environment, from other people, from itself. 
Super 8 mm film material, the panoramic setup of 3 screens and a multichannel soundscape have been used to create a dense space for this fragile condition.

The work was commissioned by the Sound Explicit Festival Ljubljana, Slovenia, in 2012, where it held its premiere. Further showings have included the New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival 2013, Berlin Art Week: “Agora Artes – filmische Interaktionen”, Academy of Arts Berlin and the Montage-Experiment-Reflexion Symposium, Film University Potsdam-Babelsberg 2013.

Concept, direction, composition & mix: Jana Irmert

Cinematography: Jonas Römmig

Montage: Trang Nguyen