audiovisual installation // video, 5.1 sound

Altitude adjustment was conceived under the impression of arriving in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. The composition itself started as a collaborative experiment: two composers working independently with only the limitations of setting the duration of the piece and providing a theme – altitude adjustment. Any kind of sound material and processing was allowed and used: site-specific field recordings as well as electronically generated sounds and vocal recordings.

As installation, it has been presented in various setups: as audiovisual installation with video projection and 5.1 speaker setup; with video projection illuminating a glass cube from inside as well as as sound installation with quadraphonic and with 12-channel setup.

Altitude adjustment has been part of exhibitions and festivals such as Vorspiel transmediale & CTM festival; “Hörraum: Atmosphären” at the Academy of the Arts, Berlin; “Filmkörper”, Syntopischer Salon, Potsdam; and C60 Collaboratorium für Kulturelle Praxis, Berlin


concept: Jana Irmert

composition: Jana Irmert & Elizaveta Fedorova

video: Biliana Velkova