Johatsu - Into Thin Air

original music
documentary by Andreas Hartmann & Arata Mori, Ossa Film, BR & ARTE 2024

In Japan, thousands of people disappear voluntarily every year. And there are companies ready to help those who want to disappear without a trace and start a new life somewhere else, whether it’s due to debt, bankruptcy or unfortunate life circumstances. They are called ‘johatsu’ (‘evaporated’), and the film of the same name explores the phenomenon in a sober and unprejudiced way through some of the human destinies it connects. Sugimoto has gone into hiding from debt collectors after a bankruptcy, while Kanda has dropped out to live a nomadic existence as a gambler. Saita is a ‘night mover’ who helps them fulfil their wish, while Goto is a single mother who is trying to find her missing son with the help of a private investigator. They are all connected to each other – even those who no longer want to be.

Nominated for the German Documentary Film Music Award 2024

Thessaloniki iDF 2024 - International Competition
CPH:DOX 2024