May 14-22 Supergau Festival, Austria, performance

June 18 The Soft Bit Album Release, Fabrique Records

June 7-19 Artist Residency at EMS Stockholm, Sweden



Jan 17 Cusp Soundtrack EP Release on Fabrique Records

June 26 Everything minus all, Single Release on Fabrique Records

Dec 4 Climate Fiction Festival, Literaturhaus Berlin, live performance of “Zeitkapsel 41” with Mikael Vogel



Jan 1-31 Artist in Residence at Amplify Berlin

Febr 7 Acud Macht Neu, Berlin: showcase concert with Robert Lippok and The Allegorist

May 12 Screening and Award Ceremony – Winner of German Documentary Film Music Award 2019 for STRESS

June 15-21 Glenshee, Scotland: guest artist at Murmuration – the act and art of located sound with Chris Watson and Jez riley French

Sept 7 Torstraßen Festival, Volksbühne Berlin, live performance

Sept 13 Extreme Chill Festival, Reykjavik, Iceland, live performance

Oct 22 Acud Macht Neu, Berlin: KOOKread: Fluten. Verschwinden. Die Klimakrise schreiben, live performance

Oct 29 Fluc, Vienna, Austria, live performance



May 10 Ausland, Berlin: A Thousand Tones – Tape Compilation Release Concert, live performance

July 20 FLOOD album release on Fabrique Records

Sept 1 Noite Branca Braga 2018, Portugal: live performance

Oct 14 Galerie Gugging, Austria: Brandauer reads Bowie, live soundscape with Runar Magnusson

Oct 20 silent green Kulturquartier, Berlin: record release show with Christopher Chaplin



Oct 23 2016 – Feb 12 2017 Skulpturenmuseum Glaskasten Marl, EUROPEAN SOUNDART AWARD Exhibition, untitled (slow) as A/V installation

May 12 ORF Radiokulturhaus, Vienna / Austria: Fabrique 15 / A Fabrique Records Anniversary Label Night, live performance

May 26 Remix release: Christopher Chaplin – Aelia Laelia (Jana Irmert Remix)

Oct 13 CRCLR House, Berlin: live performance premiere of FLOOD