What Happens At Night

LP, vinyl / digital, Fabrique Records 2022

Seismic vibrations alter the ever-changing sonic surfaces of Jana Irmert's new release What Happens At Night. Like layers of sediment, sounds are being pushed up from underneath, floating away or sinking back to the bottom.

At the core of the album lies a question: What will be left of us? While Earth melts, we go on. But eventually, there will be a point in the future where all that will be left of humanity is a thin layer of rock. While this may seem like a deeply gloomy prospect, it also carries a great deal of comfort: the reminder that we are only a small particle in a vast system so big that we can never fully grasp it.

"When playing or improvising, it sometimes happens that time kind of stops in its usual rhythm - measures of moments and durations become blurry. I smashed and rubbed lava rocks, layered and bent sounds and field recordings until what I heard matched the images of strata in rock I was looking at: millenia of existence and non-existence, on a planet to which we are a very recent addition. I fell out of time, somewhere between the moment and eternity, and that's a feeling I wanted to capture on What Happens At Night."

All tracks produced and mixed by Jana Irmert
Mastered by Bo Kondren at Calyx Mastering Berlin
Cut by Jana Falcon at Schnittstelle
Design by Louise Mason / Sawn Off
Cover Photography by Maria Louceiro
© 2022 Fabrique Records


Supported by Initiative Musik gGmbH with project funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media

“The sonic assemblages of Berlin based artist Jana Irmert are designed to grip the attention and provoke speculation. What Happens At Night swiftly slides from documentary lucidity into the glare of an obsession. Across the zone where human activity takes place, evocations of realities drift beyond the reach of our senses or the span of an individual life. A sobering reminder, that the limits of our perception may not coincide with those of the world.“

The Wire

“One can really feel the tension this album creates and describes, the agony, the frustration and the unforeseen consequences of earth’s demise. A task taken and executed with beauty, sonic plurality, with vast evolving soundscapes and a polished production on top.“

Musique Machine