Joe Boots

sound design & music
documentary by Florian Baron / Machnitzky Filmproduktion, ZDF/3sat 2017

Under the impression of the 9/11 attacks Joe Boots, the film's protagonist, joined the military right out of high school. Shortly after, he was deployed to fight in Iraq. After returning to his hometown of Pittsburgh, he realized that his war experiences left him permanently changed.


Joe tells the story of his slowly unraveling trauma and what it feels like to live with invisible wounds that others can hardly empathize with.


The film seeks to illuminate the inner conflicts that veterans experience throughout their reintegration by following Joe’s individual struggle and life in Pittsburgh.

Winner Best Documentary, Short Film Festival Bamberg 2019
Winner German Human Rights Films Award 2018
Nominated for German Short Film Award 2018
Special Mention Krakow Film Festival 2018
Honorable Mention Achtung Berlin 2018
Winner "Große Klappe" at doxs! Duisburg 2017