sound design, re-recording mix
short by Urte Alfs 2017

A study of movement filmed at fairs and festivals in the German-Danish border region.


Shot at military music festivals, shooting clubs, marching competitions, parades, gym clubs and ringriding festivals, it is about the fascination of humans marching in lockstep and the enthusiasm for perfect precision. What happens while watching these masses? And when does it start to become angst-inducing? It is a study of our bodies, our society and our past.


REVUE presents the pride of the athletes and the passion of the musicians. The amusement of the guild members terminates in a quick pinch of unease when military discipline strikes while the enthusiasm of the cheering crowd dissolves in the blessedness of the celebrating villagers.

Winner WDR Prize, Short Film Festival Cologne KFFK 2017
Beijing International Short Film Festival 2018
Filmfest Dresden 2018
Glasgow Short Film Festival 2018
Flensburger Kurzfilmtage 2017
Filmfest Schleswig Holstein 2017