End of absence

site-specific sound installation

"Each now is the time, the space", John Cage wrote in his text “2 Pages, 122 Words on Music and Dance“. It kept me thinking about how we perceive time, how strange it is that, despite almost all processes are cyclic – the day, the seasons, life itself – we learn to have a more linear perception of time: growing up and getting old, acquiring knowledge and following a profession, acting accordingly to the adequate stage or level we are supposed to be in.

For the I-Park Environmental Arts Biennale, I translated this idea into a sound art installation using only recorded material from the area and my voice, partly processing the sounds electronically and arranging them in a way that the single sound elements are cyclic themselves – they reoccur, they overlap, they create parallel layers. At the same time, moments of stillness occur.

The sound installation was setup outdoors in a circle of pine trees inviting the audience to listen how the actual sounds of the space interact with the composition. Standing there, it was as time stood still, the trees forming a somber space like a cathedral.

I-Park Environmental Arts Biennale 2015

realised with the support of the I-Park Foundation, Inc.